05/03/2020 – The Usual Suspects ™ at it again…

The team replaced a bunch of network gear in multiple buildings damaged by an electrical issue.

Wayne T provided a pair of night vision cameras for the back of 9036/9037, the team started fabrication of the brackets for the network link antennas between the firehouse and the back of 9036 to support them.

The new Network Video Recorder (NVR) was deployed in the Makerspace, we could not load the balance of the cameras into the NVR until we fixed the above infrastructure issues.

04/19/2020 – The Usual Suspects™ did projects at Camp Evans before heading to County Kitchen on Belmar Boulevard to pick up lunch.

Basic Cleaning and sending unusable material to be recycled was the Plan of the Day, along with mounting the cameras on the Brookdale side of the campus.

04/11/2020 – The Usual Suspects™  were working solo (maintaining social distance separation) on projects today at Camp Evans

Scott was mowing lawns and landscaping, Fred B was doing the preparation for a WWII victory garden in the shadow of the “H” buildings, Steve and Martin assembled the workstations for the CDL office, Dan set up the Axis Video decoders to the office display, and cleaned the trim cover for the top of the telephone booth in the studio.

04/05/2020 – Lots of volunteer projects and repair items to keep Camp Evans ready to receive visitors…

The Usual Suspects™ did hit & run projects at the lab before heading to Valente’s Italian Deli on Belmar Boulevard to pick up lunch

The hardware to deploy the new data cable between the guard shack and hotel was prepped.

And in the office: The Axis P7707 video decoder was programmed to support the new security monitor, a new HP mini PC was set up to run the accounting software, and OEM stands were fitted to the playback speakers.