Teach a class

Instructor Benefits

    • You are giving people the ability to make (we admire that greatly here)
      Share a craft or skill at our makerspace
      Instructors can be paid
      Access to our lab

Teaching can range from beginners intro classes to out of this world complex (consider our radio astronomy program with a 60′ radio telescope on site as an example)


Can I set my own class schedule?

Yes, within the constraints established by both CDL and our host site, InfoAge.

How much could I make?

Instructors have 2 options to teach:

  • Behalf of CDL – These classes will be based on a few factors. The cost of the class (materials, promotion, etc), the number of students taking the class, the number of instructors teaching and/or the length of the class.
  • Teach classes at CDL- Classes taught at CDL use both the resources of CDL and our host site, InfoAge.    In this case, instructors pay a flat rate for space, use of tools, promotion of their event on our social media networks.

Would I have help advertising my classes?

We publicize for all our classes and reach most students through our website and social media. Instructors are aware the advertising your class is a joint effort and that any help marketing is available option for instructors.

Are there limits on class sizes?
Yes, we however that truly depends on your class type. We do have a cap on how many people can be in each lab at a time and that will be discussed when you proceed further with your class proposals.

What can I teach?

Teaching is usually related to science, technology, engineering, art, and math. We place minimal restrictions on subjects, in most cases limited to subjects that require hazardous or controlled substances (no, you can’t build you own ray gun)

What if I want to teach for free?

If you want to offer free instruction to your friend, community members or maker members, that’s welcome. Non-members will have to pay for membership to cover their entry and use of the lab spaces.