About CDL & where it came from….


CDL as it now stands is a merger of several volunteer groups (and their projects) at InfoAge

  • CDL originally was a group of InfoAge volunteers who used a portion of building 9059 as a base of operations. This group mowed lawns, painted, set up and dismantled CEBOT, installed network equipment, security cameras, and generally fixed anything that was sent our way.  In 2016, CDL built a podcast studio in their space at InfoAge and started using it to market InfoAge, along with providing access to the community
  • The Institute for Exploratory Research (IXR) organized as a community makerspace in 2011. It cleared and equipped a space in the Marconi Hotel Basement. Shortly after, InfoAge allocated space in Building 9059, adjacent to the CDL Studio.

In late October of 2018, the volunteers involved  decided to reboot the  IXR into a new organization. After considerable deliberation, the decision was made to merge IXR operations with the CDL, rename the group, and seek non-profit status.

The new name is
Computer Deconstruction Lab, with the tag line / DBA “The Jersey Shore Maker Space”