CDL Equipment List

The Computer Deconstruction Laboratory in Wall, New Jersey will be making it’s podcast studio available to active museum member for free as part of our demo project. Non-members will be an hourly rate to cover utilities.

The studio construction plan consists of two phases, the first using a shared building, the second phase is to gut and renovate a dedicated building. Due to future re-use concerns, the shared space is limited to surface acoustic treatments such as foam and clouds. Fortunately, the site is rural, so there is nearly no traffic noise or neighbors.

The completed phase one studio:

  • Three exterior wall, one shared wall.
  • Dims are are roughly 25 feet wide, 20 feet long and a 12 foot ceiling
  • Construction is 2 layers of gypsum board on wood frame, floor is a concrete slab with commercial carpet, attic above
  • HVAC is large duct, low pressure forced air
  • The room has a mix of furniture that will need to stay put (carpet, bookcases, a large couch, and a DAW / video workstation)
  • Lighting is a low voltage LED track system.

The deployed equipment list:

  • Four Electro-Voice RE320 Microphones on the Main table
  • One Electro-Voice RE320 Microphone at the mixer for solo and voice-over work
  • Five DBX 286s pre-amp’s
  • Wheatstone R-60 mixer
  • Sage Digital ENDEC for EAS
  • Dayton AF225C3 (FM receiver), AF315C3 (AM receiver), AF612C3 (Weather Receiver)
  • Behringer HA8000 8-Channel Headphone Amp
  • Sennheiser HD 280 PRO headphones
  • Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 audio interface
  • HP Z800 Digital Audio Workstation running Hindenburg Broadcaster
  • ASI 5640 4 channel audio card with ASI BOB1024 breakout box
  • Avaya multi-line building phone system with toll free and local numbers
  • Telos Two X 12 Broadcast phone system
  • VEGAS edit work station
  • Rivendell Playout systems

The work area:
A 96 x 50 inch , boat-shaped podcasting studio table. The table comfortably seats 4 people (host and 3 guests). Table is equipped with Heil PL-2T booms supporting EV 309A shock mounts upgraded with Betterbands hardware

We wanted to try and keep the work surface clear of cables, so we went with placing the headphone jacks, telephone, and Ethernet ports under the table edge, and the microphone jacks in the tabletop.

Quite a bit is borrowed, some purchased, some donated. Think Podcast Garage without the corporate budget (or sponsors).