Specifications and Features: 12″ LX200GPS

Optical Design Schmidt-Cassegrain
Clear Aperture; Primary Mirror Diameter 305mm (12″); 314mm (12.375″)
Focal Length; Focal Ratio 3048mm; f/10
Near Focus (approx.) 75 ft.
Resolving Power (arc secs.) 0.38
Optical Coatings MgF2 on correcting plate (2-sides); standard aluminum on primary & secondary mirrors
Ultra-High Transmission Coatings optional at time of purchase
Limiting Visual Magnitude (approx.) 15.0
Image Scale (degs./inch) 0.48
Maximum Practical Visual Power 750X
35mm Angular Film Coverage / 0.45° x 0.65°
Optical Tube Dimensions (dia. x length) 13.6″ x 25″
Secondary Mirror Obstruction (dia.; %) 4.0″—11.1%
Telescope Mounting heavy-duty fork type; double tine
Setting Circle Diameters Dec.: 5″; RA: 8.75″
RA and Dec. Motor Drive Systems both axes: 185-speed, microprocessor controlled, 12v. DC servo motor; 5.75″ LX worm gear with Smart Drive software
Hemispheres of Operation North and South, selected by GPS or user
Primary Mirror Lock included (progressive tension)
Zero Image-Shift Microfocuser included (4-speed)
GPS Alignment included (16-channel GPS receiver, electronic sensors for true-level and North,with magnetic declination compensation)
GO TO Pointing Precision 2-arc mins. (1-arc min. in HP-mode)
Slow-Motion Controls manual and electric, RA and Dec.
Bearings Dec.: 3 x 1.83″ dia. ball bearings; RA: 1 x 4″ dia. and 1 x 2.25″ dia. ball bearings
Autostar Hand Controller Atmel 89C451 & PIC16C57 microcontrollers; 2 line x 16 alphanumeric character display; 20-button keypad, red LED backlit
Main Telescope Controller distributed intelligence architecture using 8 networked microcontrollers (Motorola 68HC11, Atmel 89C451, 3 x PIC16C62, 2 x PIC16C54, Sony digital signal processor); 3.5-Megabyte flash memory, field reprogrammable, 32K RAM
Batteries; Battery Life (approx.) 8 x C-cells (user-supplied); 20 hrs.
Onboard Celestial Object Database 147,541 objects
Slew Speeds, RA and Dec. 0.01x to 1.0x sidereal, variable in 0.01x increments; 2x, 8x, 16x, 64x, 128x sidereal; 1°/sec. to 8°/sec., variable in 0.1° increments
Tracking Rates sidereal, lunar, or custom-selected from 2000 incremental rates
Materials: Tube Body; Mount Castings aluminum; aluminum
Primary & Secondary Mirrors Pyrex® glass, grade-A, fine-annealed
Correcting Plate clear float glass
Telescope Dimensions, swung down 15″ x 20″ x 37″